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About Us

We believe culture is our competitive advantage.

A great experience starts with finding empathetic, passionate people and empowering them to do great work.

We're passionate about

                                                                   overachievers, optimists, goofballs, and kind humans who strive to create a space that excites everyone who walks through our doors. We don't just straighten teeth -- we empower people with the confidence to make their mark on the world. 


Every aspect of your experience has been meticulously considered, leaving no detail unattended. We work hard to deliver exceptional service and make your journey feel effortless and fun. Using the best technologies, focusing on great design and relentlessly honing our craft, we've created a frictionless experience that allows us to focus on what matters most - you and your goals. We promise that each visit will be personalized, clear, and inspiring. Every time.

We are

Our Crew


Runner. Reader. Pretty okay cook.

Hi! I'm Tyler. I help with the marketing and operations here at Curve. I'm so excited to be a part of this growing practice and having the opportunity to meet and work with the incredible people in the area! 

Dr. Brittany

Boy mom. Bravo TV enthusiast. Chocolate croissant connossieur.

My name is Brittany Ang, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the founder of Curve Orthodontics, a new orthodontic practice in Linwood, New Jersey. Having grown up in the neighboring town of Ocean City, where my family has lived for four generations, I am not just an orthodontist; I am a proud member of this vibrant community, and I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the oral health and well-being of its residents.


Beach dog. Target regular. Loves treats.

Hi, I'm Reagan. I really love getting treats, and peanut butter is my favorite thing ever! But I love bacon too. Oh, and going to the beach! But my real favorite is going to Target with Dr. Brittany. Well, that and snuggling on the couch. Wait, no my favorite favorite is belly scratches! Wait, can I get belly scratches WITH some treats? Is that even a thing? That should definitely be a thing!!

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